A look at how LCD and plasma compare for power consumption

If youre on the hunt for a big flat-screen television, but youre worried about how much electricity theyre going to suck back, you may be confused as to which technology to look for. The prevailing wisdom is that plasma screens are power-hungry monsters, but thats not necessarily true in all circumstances.

The reason for this is the different ways that plasma and LCD bring the picture to the screen. With a plasma screen, each pixel element is an individual light source that is illuminated as needed. LCD, on the other hand, always has a backlight running, and rather than lighting up pixels, an LCD monitor will BLOCK them, so the light doesnt get through. That means a relatively steady power consumption for LCD screens, while plasma varies wildly depending on what happens to be on the screen at that given moment.

CFH Labs got in two large-screen televisions of roughly the same size, one LCD (40-inch) and one plasma (42-inch), and hooked them up to a pair of Kill A Watt electricity meters. We then tested the power consumption of these monitors under a variety of conditions, including several solid colours (white, black, red, blue and green), TV static, watching a DVD with a lot of white backgrounds (Atanarjuat), and watching a DVD with a lot of black backgrounds (Battlestar Galactica miniseries). We also tested the two screens overnight, tuned to the same station. Both screens used out-of-the-box colour and brightness settings.

As prevailing wisdom suspects, the plasma monitor consumed more energy under all of the different real-world viewing tests, but the Battlestar Galactica test showed the difference narrowing. Under the solid colour testing, the plasma ate up more energy than the LCD screen except when displaying a solid black screen, where the power consumption of the plasma screen plummeted to about a quarter of its usual use. The plasma screen used the most energy showing a screen with TV static on it, because theres a lot of white, and its rapidly moving.

For part two of the test, we reset the plasma screen to super savings energy mode, and then adjusted the brightness of the LCD screen to match.

Kill A Watt


The Kill A Watt is designed to show you how much power youre using on any particular outlet, by sitting between the outlet and the item youre plugging into it. The Kill A Watt measures the voltage, amperage, wattage, Hz and kilowatt hours. We used the Kill A Watt to measure the power draw of our large screen televisions, to see which ones were more efficient, using the watts (current power draw) and kilowatt hours (cumulative power draw over time).

Samsung SP-R4212


Consumption rating: 280 watts

The SP-R4212 is a 42-inch plasma display, and while its HD-ready, its only a 480p display (852×480 pixels). That means 1,226,880 individual pixel elements to turn on and off, each of which requires power. Theoretically, that would mean that an all-white screen would consume the most powerbut is that the case?

Samsung LN-R408D


Consumption rating: 285 watts

This 40 inch model has a slightly smaller picture than our 42-inch plasma, but it comes with 720p resolution (1366×768).

Samsung plasma:

standby: 1 watt, 0.06 amps

black screen: 65 watts, 0.58 amps

white screen: 256 watts, 2.23 amps

red screen: 232 watts, 2.02 amps

blue screen: 231 watts, 2.13 amps

green screen: 208 watts, 1.80 amps

static: 311 watts, 2.71 amps

Atanarjuat (2 hr 30 min): 0.69 kilowatt hours

Battlestar Galactica (2 hr): 0.49 kilowatt hours

CNN (overnight): 4.3 kilowatt hours

Samsung plasma (super power saver mode):

standby: 1 watt, 0.06 amps

black screen: 65 watts, 0.58 amps

white screen: 203 watts, 1.76 amps

red screen: 191 watts, 1.7 amps

blue screen: 190 watts, 1.67 amps

green screen: 180 watts, 1.56 amps

static: 251 watts, 2.21 amps

Atanarjuat (3 hr): 0.64 kilowatt hours

Battlestar Galactica (3+ hr): 0.67 kilowatt hours

CNN (overnight): 3.97 kilowatt hours

Samsung LCD

standby: 10 watts, 0.17 amps

black screen: 200 watts, 2.55 amps

white screen: 199, 2.58 amps

red screen: 199 watts, 2.57 amps

blue screen: 198 watts, 2.57 amps

green screen: 198 watts, 2.96 amps

static: 264 watts, 3.23 amps

Atanarjuat (2 hr 30 min): 0.57 kilowatt hours

Battlestar Galactica (2 hr): 0.49 kilowatt hours

CNN (overnight): 3.41 kilowatt hours

Samsung LCD (lower-brightness mode)

standby: 10 watts, 0.17 amps

black screen: 196 watts, 2.50 amps

white screen: 195 watts, 2.52 amps

red screen: 196 watts, 2.51 amps

blue screen: 196 watts, 2.52 amps

green screen: 195 watts, 2.51 amps

static: 235 watts, 3.0 amps

Atanarjuat (3 hr): 0.65 kilowatt hours

Battlestar Galactica (3 hr+): 0.72 kilowatt hours

CNN (overnight): 3.84 kilowatt hours

old Samsung plasma:

Windows Longhorn screen: 192 watts, 1.63 amp

Windows longhorn, mostly whit: 291 watts, 2.49 amps

Windows Longhorn, mostly black: 114 watts, 0.98 amp

Link to download the Sysinternals TCPView utility:

Home page for the Sysinternals TCPView utility:

The highly regarded Sam Spade site:

Samspade utility for Windows:

Domain Dossier a web-based tool for looking up information about domains and IP addresses:

City Of Alpharetta Georgia

City Of Apharetta

City Of Apharetta

The city of Alpharetta is located in the north of Fulton County, Georgia, USA.Its name is a variation of a fictional Indian girl (Alfarata) in the song ‘The Blue Juniata’. The name of the city is also believed to have originated from the first letter of Greek alphabet.In the 1830’s the people of Georgia and other parts of the south were relocated forcibly to Oklahoma (initially Indian territory) and this came to be under the Indian Removal Act.

Famers and Pioneers later on settled on the vacated land which stretched from the Northern Georgia mountains to Chattahoochee River.The Methodist Camp Ground is among the first permanent landmarks in the are and is located next to a natural spring near downtown Alpharetta.It served as a trading post where settlers could exchange goods.

The city chattered on 11th December 1858 with its boundaries extending in a 0.80-kilometer radius from the city courthouse.It served as a county seat for Milton County until 1931 which was the time Milton and Fulton county merged during the great depression to avoid bankruptcy.

According to a report by the United States Census Bureau, the city covers an area of 55.4 square kilometers of which 99.5% is dry land and the rest is water. There are 13,911 households of which 36.2% have children under 18 years of age,54.1% have married couples living together,7.3% have women without husbands,35.9% have non-families living together,27.7% have single individuals and 4.2% have individuals above 65 years living alone.

The city’s population is estimated to be 57,551.In the city, the people under 18years of age take 27.0% of the population,18 to 24 years take 7.2%, 25 to 40 years take 40.5%,45 to 64 years take 19.4% and individuals above 64 years take 5.8% of the total population.

The city is also known to have various festivities such as the Alpharetta Brew Moon Fest which is held on the first Saturday of October each year. The festival’s theme is mainly to celebrate the history of downtown Alpharetta. Brews, wine and foods from the best restaurants are available for sale and the city basically comes together for one big party.

Other festivals include the Scarecrow Harvest festival which also takes place on the first Saturday in October and the streets are usually lined with 100 scarecrows to celebrate the city’s fall spirit.The city also has other attractions such as ‘Alpharetta Arboretum at Wills Park’ which has 26 trees and also ‘Alpharetta Arboretum at Coburn Road Park’ which has seven trees to showcase.

The Walk of memories which is located at Legion post 201 pays tribute to of U.S armed forces,friends and communities.It has a tank and helicopter for display and is also one of the interesting places to visit in Alpharetta.

Roswell Georgia

Roswell City Limits

City Of Roswell

Roswell is a city located on the northern side of Georgia. It’s a small, serene city with the population of roughly a hundred thousand people. The city, formed in 1830 by Roswell King, was a county of its own prior to 1932. The merger came about after America was ravaged by the American civil war and by the great depression.

Roswell has since recovered and now boasts of a thriving economy with less than 4% of its population earning less than $15000 annually. The city has also seen a lot of development considering that a majority of its workforce is employed in Atlanta.

Sights to Explore.

Economically, Roswell has a lot of history embedded in its roots and the monuments in its streets are a testament to that. With this in mind, its tourism sector has great potential and generates a sizable income for the town. For visitors of this place, there will be a lot to see and explore quickly in a day given that the city has an area of about 100 square kilometers.

The city has a Roswell visitor’s center for the purposes of creating a welcoming environment to its newcomers. A lot of cultures is retained in this city with many arts and culture centers around it. As tourists, enjoy learning about how life in the old Roswell was, with a walk through the founding of Roswell through the civil war and its later merger with Fulton.

With nearly 800acres of national parks, the city has a lot to offer its camping fanatics. And to those who wish to learn more about its culture, don’t miss Roswell’s many festivals and celebrations that take place annually. Events like the Roswell Roots and Memorial Day ceremony depict life in Roswell during its early days and through the civil war. Other events like its wine festival take the time to appreciate Roswell’s beauty.

The racial diversity in this city has always been largely white with African Americans comprising of about a quarter of the total population. The Hispanic community has also risen in size.


This is among the cities in America with the richest history due to it’s the major roles it played during the civil war period. They also had a huge influence on slavery and how the black community was integrated into the rest of the city as it formed. Its most notable achievement the city accomplished was when they got through the American civil war.

We get some of our best clients from the City Of Roswell. We continuously show our appreciation by delivering great customer service through affordable pricing and flawless installations. Call TV HQ today for your future installations by calling 404-620-2320.

The City Of Dunwoody

City Of Dunwoody

City Of Dunwoody

Dunwoody is the most recent of the many rural areas of Atlanta to claim freedom through residential voting and build up itself as an official city. In spite of the fact that the City of Dunwoody formally started operations on December 1, 2008, the zone was established in the mid 1830’s and named for Major Charles Dunwoody.

The primary church and tuition based school in unincorporated Dunwoody was Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church built up in 1829. The still dynamic church is situated at the crossing point of Roberts Drive and Spalding Drive.

Dunwoody GA is situated in Dekalb County only north of the Atlanta city border, making it helpful for the individuals who drive to the city for work and for a considerable length of time out. It is flanked by Sandy Springs toward the west, Chamblee toward the south, Roswell toward the north and Norcross toward the east.

In spite of the fact that it is only a couple of miles north of downtown Atlanta’s social alternatives, the rural area offers occupants calmer neighborhoods and more reasonable lodging, settling on it a mainstream decision among developing families and first time home purchasers.

Being a piece of Dekalb County, Dunwoody school matured youngsters may go to Kingsley, Vanderlyn or Austin primary schools, Peachtree Middle School and Dunwoody High School as assigned by the Atlanta Public School zones. Adjacent private foundation instructive choices incorporate Deo Preparatory School, Weber School, Marist High School and New Atlanta Jewish Community High School.

Dunwoody’s business zone is revolved around GA Hwy 400 and Perimeter Mall. Shopping, eating and various amusement choices populate the clamoring shopping center zone and even pull in city inhabitants far from around the local area alternatives. Be that as it may, kill of the fundamental boulevards and you’ll discover tree-lined neighborhoods and interesting groups where neighbors may appreciate weekend piece gatherings and evening walks around their youngsters.

Dunwoody GA is an extraordinary alternative for first time property holders, growing families and retirees. The territory is sufficiently close to drive into the city for a night out with companions however sufficiently far from downtown blockage to appreciate the unwinding quietness of suburbia. Being the freshest city in the metro zone, Dunwoody is inviting both individuals moving out of the city for a calmer, suburb life and the individuals who need to get a bit closer in.

A few trails at the Dunwoody Nature Center permit guests to investigate the region. Trails lead through forests, knolls, and wetland ranges. Wildcat Creek goes through the property, and a promenade lets guests watch plant and creatures life in the wetlands without harming the delicate biological community.

The nature focus has attempted a stream rebuilding venture that settles the stream banks, uproots any intrusive non-local plants, and grows the wetlands. The undertaking is supported by the Georgia Forestry Commission and the Urban Forestry Council.

Dunwoody is the perfect city to live in if you want to enjoy the city life without all the hassles. It is perfectly situate outside of Atlanta so you have the best of both worlds; city and suburb. TV HQ frequents these city limits often during our work day. It is a pleasure to serve Dunwoody now and in the future. Call us today at 404-620-2320.

City Of Smyrna

City Of Smyrna

City Of Smyrna

Smyrna is situated only 10 miles northwest of Atlanta and it is also integral part of Metro Atalanta region. Because of thousands jonquils blooming every spring along the streets of the city Smyrna also known as “Jonquils City”. Throughout the years, the City of Smyrna, covering around 15 sq. miles, has formed into a fundamental and dynamic member of the local landscape.

Smyrna is only a 15-minute drive from the downtown of Atlanta, which is still free of the congestion. Moreover, revived and dynamic downtown zone has a library, community center, retail development and mix-use improvement, city lobby.

There are many charming neighbourhoods with an endless array of amenities for residents and organisations. The city also has plenty of parks, running trails, pools, tennis courts, golf sections, day camps, sports and recreational exercises for youngsters to seniors. In summer there are shows and family occasions downtown. Smyrna is the winner of the prestigious Urban Land Institute’s Award of Excellence.

There are over 50000 residents of Smyrna, yet the territory of Cobb County is still attractive for residential growths. Demographic statistics of Smyrna and Atlanta MSA show that the citizens of Smyrna are younger and have higher income per capita.Galleria employments center helps to bring businesses and residents to the city.

The City of Smyrna’s Village Green and Market Village are circled by and have 33 sections of acre land of parks and green space within one mile of downtown. 304 acre of park land and green space can be discovered as close as 15 square miles from the city. In the downtown region a very developed Community Center with two gyms can be found. There is also an exceptionally clean lake with a grateful natural life – giant koi and lost of trees.

Village Green is the citizens’s common ground. It is the place where the Community Center, the Library and arboretum are situated. Moreover, Village Green is a point of convergence where people meet up. The centre of the town includes private housing, retail and office space, city hall and public safety office, creating a satisfying and available area that is inviting and refreshing.

Market Village is the region of downtown development which is unmatched in appeal and village atmosphere. There are 16 town homes, 40,000 sq ft of retail space and another 18,000 sq ft of office space. It is the new social center with restaurants, shops and services. Whatever is known about mixed-used today has an origin in Smyrna due to its successeful experience. The notion of “Live, Work, Play,” is at its best in Smyrna and it is the Market Village.

At TV HQ we mostly work in Smyrna, but what happens after hours is never spoken. We definitely love delivering our services to this city just minutes from our office in Atlanta. We look forward to continue earning the patronage and customer gratitude from the residents. You can call us at 404-620-2320 for a home entertainment systems installation quote.

City Of Roswell

Duluth Georgia

TV HQ proudly serves the City Of Duluth GA. Located next to Lawrenceville, this one of the most beautiful cities within the metropolitan area.

duluth Geogia map

City Of Duluth

Duluth GA one of the most affluent suburbs of Atlanta, has emerged as a hub of sports, hotel and corporate opportunities. Seasonal concerts, festivals, outdoor movies and various holiday events add vivacity to this place. You can visit the local art galleries, explore its historic past through museums, shop for antiques or enjoy live music, the options here are plenty.

Duluth developed quickly during 1970s and 1980s together with other parts of Gwinnett County. George Busbee the governor of Georgia became an occupant of Duluth in 1983 in the wake of leaving his office, relocating to the Sweet Bottom Plantation subdivision which was developed by Scott Hudgens. A noteworthy development of the Duluth city was undertaken in the mid 21st century.

The most significant historic place in Duluth is the Lander-Cain House. Birthplace of Eli Linson Sanders who was from Gwinnett and a Confederate soldier, this historical home is situated behind another famous place of Duluth, Sweetwater cemetery.

For spending exciting and fun filled time, Atlanta Ice Forum is an ideal place. This famous ice skating rink is perfect to practice your skills and also catch a glimpse of NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, who practice here occasionally.

Another must visit place, especially for history enthusiasts, is the Strickland House, the original dwelling place of Duluth’s foremost female mayor. Spread over wooden land of 3 acres, this place has also served as the first hospital of Duluth in the past. Now converted into a museum, it holds an amazing collection of pictures, exhibits and artifacts.

Visitors, especially children, love to visit Pirate’s Cove in Duluth, for fun and excitement. The whole area decorated with pirate theme, complete with a pirate ship and cascading waterfalls, offers an amazing setting to display your golf skills. Apart from these attractions, it is also famous as a place to hold memorable birthday parties, family gatherings and get-together in its manicured landscape.

In order to know more about the history, famous spots and other attractions of this place, then taking a Lamplighter Tour is the most ideal option. Being conducted since the past 25 years by experienced and amiable guides, it has become an integral part of the tourist scene of Duluth. These tours are also operated specially for schools, seniors, families, church and corporate groups.

Art lovers can add an exciting experience to their trip, by visiting the famous Hudgens Center for Arts. Comprising of two attractions, Children’s Arts Museum and Fine arts Center, this place also has gift shops, classrooms, a gallery, exhibit space, and outdoor garden of sculptures that spread in an area of 28,000 sq feet. The famous Children’s Museum, being among very few museums which are devoted entirely to children, attracts a lot of visitors around the year.

Whether you are a lone visitor who wishes to explore the history and heritage of Duluth or looking for ways to spend memorable time with your family and friends, Duluth will never disappoint you.

City Of Kennesaw

City Of Kennesaw

City Of Kennesaw

Kennesaw is a city in the United States established in 1887.It is located in Cobb county in the State Of Georgia. Following the 2010 census the population of the city stood at 29,783. According to a recent survey conducted by the united states census bureau it showed an increase in population to 32001 as at 2013.

Kennesaw city boasts of a rich railroad history. It largely attributes its growth to the Western and Atlantic railroad constructed in the 1830’s. The city is rated as one of the top ten cities in the united states better suited for families.this is due to the fact that Kennesaw is among the top ten safest cities in the state of Georgia.

The city is mostly known due to its gun ownership law. The law passed by the Kennesaw city council made it legal for one to own at least one gun with ammunition. The law was passed to quote “protect the safety,security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants”.

The city is run by a mayor who is housed at city hall together with the city council. Due to the low crime rate in Kennesaw, the local police enforcement have received accreditation from the commission on accreditation for law enforcement agencies twice in 2009 and 2012. This is awarded for maintaining high standards of professional excellence.

The city witnessed a growth in its economy in the 1980’s. This placed Kennesaw as another  city in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Some of the attractions in the city include the southern museum of civil war and locomotive history. The museum has helped to conserve, protect and preserve the rich rail history of the city. This includes the Great Locomotive Chase.Another site to see while in the city include Kennesaw mountain national battlefield park to mention but a few.

The population and visitors of kennesaw get to enjoy high quality social amenities.This includes parks and recreation facilities that are clean. The parks are fitted with wireless internet connections. This prompted the Georgia recreation and parks association to award Kennesaw parks and recreation department agency of the year in 2011.

The education sector in the city is also of excellent standards. The city has public schools like North Cobbs High School and Kennesaw Mountain High School. It also has public middle schools and public elementary schools that ensure their students grow into responsible and an all round human beings that can impact positively in the community.

Overall Kennesaw is a city that takes pride in its education standards, keeping its residents safe and providing a clean environment all around. It is a little further than from the core of Atlanta but definitely a great city to frequent.

Lawrenceville Georgia

Lawrenceville, Georgia is a small town in Georgia. It was incorporated on December 15, 1821, and is part of greater metropolitan Atlanta. It is the second oldest city in the area.

city of lawrencevilleThe population of Lawrenceville is approximately 29000. Even though the population is relatively small, it is able to provide needed goods and services to its residents and visitors. This is one of the advantages of living in a small city which is still part of a larger urban area. Lawrenceville is the county seat of Gwinnett County. It is 30 miles northeast of Atlanta.

One of the aims of the city’s fathers is to preserve the heritage of the city. If this is to be accomplished, it will require foresight and careful planning. And that is just what Lawrenceville delivers.

Because of its proximity to Atlanta, Lawrenceville is home to residents and visitors from around the world. Visitors to Lawrenceville will want to enjoy within the historic downtown area. This area has been revitalized. It includes interesting places to shop.

Lawrenceville even offers curb-side and covered parking on East Oregon Street. If someone has chosen to live in Lawrenceville, a stop at the Visitor Center is an excellent place to begin. They are able to provide a newcomer with all kinds of useful information.

For instance, the Visitor Center has home and property information that will certainly help someone who are not familiar with the area. Lists of public and private schools, colleges and universities are available upon request.
If someone new to the area would like a list of businesses in town, this is available at the City Hall.

Other information about Lawrenceville, interesting to anyone liking historical facts, is the name of the city. It was named after Commodore James Lawrence, famous for his service in the War of 1812.

Because Lawrenceville is in the heart of the deep south, it is not surprising that the weather is very warm. January can see temperature as low as 50 degrees in the daytime. By August, it can heat up to close to 90. The humidity tends to be high, providing a subtropical climate.

The median income of the residents of Lawrenceville is $43000. The city connects to Interstate 85 through highway 316. A public airport is also situated in the city. It is easy to see why many people happily call Lawrenceville “home.”

Lawrenceville is the city of choice for many of the team of TV HQ. We absolutely enjoy coming to this city and enjoying festive events in the downtown area such as the yearly firework shows. We love the entertainment that this city offers so don’t forget us when it comes to your entertainment installation needs…Call today at 404-620-2320.

Johns Creek GA

Some cities have a way of letting you know that your are entering a different zone altogether. Johns Creek does not disappoint when it comes to beauty. You will instantly know that you have switched zip codes.

Johns creek georgia

City Johns Creek

There is a sure appeal that Georgia provides for anybody that crosses through its state lines. The City of Johns Creek, Georgia, lies along the banks of the notable Chattahoochee River in the Piedmont (Latin “foot of mountains”) plain of the Appalachian Mountains, in upper east Fulton County.

Home to an expected populace of 76,728,* the city is the quickest developing metropolitan area in the U.S. Sufficiently close to Atlanta to exploit its dynamic society and monetary development – yet sufficiently far away (30 miles) to experience a calmer way of life – Johns Creek occupants appreciate the best of both universes in a gentle and regular atmosphere. At 1,050 feet above ocean level, Metro Atlanta has a normal yearly temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

A sizable measure of the cushy, proficient populace that relocated to Metro Atlanta in the 80s and 90s for its ease of living and high occupation base settled in the Johns Creek area.

Solid state funded schools were a major fascination for families. Perceiving the significance of instruction, Johns Creek folks poured sweat, value and hard work into the schools, making them the most grounded in the state.

As anyone might expect, creative organizations soon followed to be close to this thriving town. A few Fortune 500 organizations situated in the well arranged Technology Park/Johns Creek, helping the 1,900 section of land see considerable improvement and growth. These groups help develop this town into a great city.

Today, Johns Creek is the tenth biggest city in Georgia with an average family income of $150,592, solid government funded schools and an intriguing, easy way of life for individuals of all ages.

Around 20 miles upper east of Johns Creek is Lake Lanier, one of Georgia’s most prevalent recreational spots, with 692 miles of shoreline and marinas for drifting, angling, water skiing and paddling. Many events of the 1996 Summer Olympics were held at the Lake and its yearly 6-mile Holiday Light show is one of the world’s biggest.

Neighborhood cool points of interest include the National Park Service’s Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, Autrey Mill Nature Preserve & Heritage Center, Johns Creek Arts Center. The new 45-section of land Encore Park in close-by Alpharetta with its 12,000 seat Verizon Wireless Amphitheater is a  summer home of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

With all the attractions and affluent neighborhoods, this city is definitely a fun city to visit and work in. TV HQ is proud to serve the people of Johns Creek Georgia. We look forward to continue business within this city. If you live in Johns Creek and are in need of a quote feel free to call us at 404-620-2320