Doraville Georgia

TV HQ has completed several projects in the wonderful City Of Doraville. For those of you not familiar with this great city, we created this blog post to share with what Doraville has to offer.

city of doraville

city of doraville

Doraville GA is a small city located in DeKalb County in the northeastern side of Atlanta. Found in the US with total area of 3.6 square miles, the city currently has an estimated population of 10,700. Inhabitants consist of mostly of immigrants who had migrated to the Atlanta area. This resulted in one of the largest Asian communities in the city. The city was incorporated in the year 1871 by the act of Georgia General Assembly. There is a tributary that passes across the city called the Crooked Creek.

The city used to be an agricultural community that used to serve other larger surrounding areas. After the World War II the city experienced growth due to presence of the main railroad and good water system. Also the establishment of industries like the General Motors plant helped in its growth. The Doraville MARTA station was build in year 1992 after buildings at the downtown were demolished. Unfortunately the GM assembly plant was shut down and the site is to be used to develop a town center. With closer proximity of Atlanta and promising new town center, the city is set to become an attractive destination.

There are several education facilities in the city. Some of the primary and high school centers include Hightower Elementary School, Peach Charter Middle School and Cross Keys High School. There is also one public library, the DeKalb County Public Library. There is also one transport infrastructure for mass transit, the Doraville MARTA rail station.

The city has various racial communities that are made of whites, African American, Latin, Hispanics and Asians as the majority population. Other communities include the Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and other races. The city has a fairly spread out age group with the average age of 30 years old. The average income of the city is around $40,000 and the income per capita of around $15,000. The city offers various services that include fire and rescue, police, animal services and sanitation.

The architectural design of the houses is of mid-century modern that has been used in the residential suburbs that is seen throughout the city was developed just before the World War II. The design has ample windows and wide open floor that opens the inside part of the houses. Most of the mid-century houses preferred walls made of glass to the bulky support walls. But the city does not have well preserved mid-century design like the Northwoods and Northcrest neighborhoods.

Neverthless, it is always a great area to work and play in. We enjoy serving this city and look forward to continue business coming out of the City Of Doraville. We look forward to serving you. Do not hesitate to call us at 404-620-2320 for all your home wiring and entertainment installation needs.

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