Loganville GA The Unforgettable Comfort

Loganville is a small city in an unusual place. It occupies sections of both Walton County and Gwinnett County in Georgia. The community’s principle is the same as its slogan: Where People Matter. The city focuses its efforts in putting the people first by providing excellent education and healthcare. It’s named after the hard-working farmer and shoemaker, James Harvie Logan.

City Of Loganville

City Of Loganville

He bought the land with his family in 1842. It soon grew into a thriving community, and although it started as a small, tight-knit group of farmers, it didn’t stay that way. Nowadays, as you walk down its streets you will see malls, restaurants, banks, and a lot more. The area has become a mini metropolis. In fact, it doesn’t have any rural areas anymore. The historical sites are not only tourist attractions, but some, such as Loganville Rock Gym, are used for weddings and other special occasions.

Loganville is also home to the Gwinnett History Museum, which is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The fact that Loganville sits within a few miles of two airports makes it appealing to travelers and tourists. Another cool thing is that it has a park made up of over 15 fields for all kinds of sports such as football, baseball, and softball. That’s not all you’ll find, though. In the same park you’ll notice a variety of concession stands, pavilions, playgrounds, and pathways. It is one of the fastest-growing parks in Walton County, and it’s funded almost completely by local businesses.

Are you thinking of starting a business down in Loganville? All you have to do is head to the Loganville Chamber of Commerce. It will provide services to not only fund your new business, but it will also actively help you with finding new clients and make a living. People rarely ever live off of minimum wage in Loganville, either, because the Chamber of Commerce works to keep its citizens from hitting rock bottom by working with both employers and employees to come to an agreement on both hourly pay and yearly salaries.

This wonderful city has amusement parks, corn mazes, and a lot of other outdoor events. Loganville’s high school and primary school are in the top 9% in educational standards in Georgia, too. Their sports mascot is called “The Red Devil,” to inspire ferocity in its members. Although Loganville has reportedly declined in the past few years due to its rapid growth, tourism is still huge in the area. People from all over the country love to visit at certain times of the year. The health care facilities are up-to-date and have all the latest medical technology to help those in need. It has many four- and five-star restaurants all over the city.

With all the outdoor tourist attractions, great service, and wonderful people, it’s no wonder Loganville is growing in population. Whether you’ve come for a visit, or as a permanent stay, Loganville, Georgia is one of the greatest cities you’ll find in the entire State.

As you can see, Loganville is rich in culture and character. That is one of the pleasures of frequenting this historic city. If you live in Loganville, then we are here to serve and help preserve the beauty of this great city by enhancing the inside of your home. Call us today for a home theater TV Install estimate in Logannville at 404-620-2320.

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