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The flat screen TV is now the norm and not considered to be a luxury any more. There has been a growth in the popularity of flat screens, and consequently the services for installation of TV wall mounts has become a necessity. Once your flat screen is mounted to the wall, whether the new television is installed in the bedroom or above the fireplace, your viewing pleasure will definitely be enhanced.

There are however some complexities attached to the installation of a flat screen television. While tackling the job themselves, many homeowners encounter difficulties and require professional assistance. TV HQ is available to offer complete peace of mind, while we handle all your tv installation needs.

After relocating to your new home, condo or apartment, your priority will be the setup of your entertainment system. Since you can meet upon roadblocks as you install the flat screen, it is recommended that you contract the services of a professional. You will soon be able to start enjoying your new TV, as our qualified technicians assist in the prevention of any issues.

The last thing that you would want to have to deal with, is costly repairs. It does not matter whether you are moving into a new home, or renovating and making improvements to your existing home, it is important to prevent the occurrence of any major issues

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Some of the problems that may be encountered include the drilling of live wires, which could result in a fire, or not being able to identify the location of beams to hang the TV because of a brick fireplace. Our qualified low voltage contractors at TV HQ, will provide assistance in handling these problems. Along with our qualifications, we are also licensed and insured.

The safety of your home and family is of utmost importance, so you should not entrust the handling of your valuable investment to workmen who are uninsured. Even though the installation may appear to be simple, any slight mistake can cause serious damage to your home. It is therefore important to ensure that your contractor, will cover any possible accident or injuries while they are in your home.

We at TV HQ are the superior Gwinnett County provider of tv mounting service in the Doraville area. Our main focus is the satisfaction of our customers, so we guarantee that once you select us for your tv installation needs, we will carry out your job efficiently. Not only are we reliable, but we offer competitive prices when compared with other installation companies. Contact us today at 404-620-2320 for your quote, or use our “contact us form” to leave a message.