Over The Mantle TV Installation In Alpharetta Georgia

tv over fireplace install alpharetta

tv over fireplace install alpharetta

Alpharetta is one of the more affluent cities located in Fulton County Georgia. It is a north suburb of the metro Atlanta area. The media income per household in Alpharetta is about $95,000 dollars.

In this particular project, TV HQ performed a TV installation over the fireplace that required us to add an outlet behind the flat screen. We also had to add a HDMI port as well. The reason for adding an outlet behind the TV instead of fishing the wired through the wall are for safety purposes.

While many companies may simply fish wires behind a fireplace, it can be very dangerous. Wit the heat caused by a fireplace, every possible precaution is needed when installing your plasma and LCD sets. In addition to fire hazards that can be caused by electrical wires, flat screens do not respond well to heat.

This means that the proper mounting bracket has to be installed to minimize the heat from a fireplace. A flush mount is not recommended for this type of project. A mount that can be tilted is gives the flat screen room to air out as well as provide a better viewing experience..

We are glad to say that the customer was very satisfied with this installation. In fact, a few weeks later, the called us back to install his surround sound home theater system on his wood ceilings; a challenging but fun experience.



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