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Roswell is a city located on the northern side of Georgia. It’s a small, serene city with the population of roughly a hundred thousand people. The city, formed in 1830 by Roswell King, was a county of its own prior to 1932. The merger came about after America was ravaged by the American civil war and by the great depression.

Roswell has since recovered and now boasts of a thriving economy with less than 4% of its population earning less than $15000 annually. The city has also seen a lot of development considering that a majority of its workforce is employed in Atlanta.

Sights to Explore.

Economically, Roswell has a lot of history embedded in its roots and the monuments in its streets are a testament to that. With this in mind, its tourism sector has great potential and generates a sizable income for the town. For visitors of this place, there will be a lot to see and explore quickly in a day given that the city has an area of about 100 square kilometers.

The city has a Roswell visitor’s center for the purposes of creating a welcoming environment to its newcomers. A lot of cultures is retained in this city with many arts and culture centers around it. As tourists, enjoy learning about how life in the old Roswell was, with a walk through the founding of Roswell through the civil war and its later merger with Fulton.

With nearly 800acres of national parks, the city has a lot to offer its camping fanatics. And to those who wish to learn more about its culture, don’t miss Roswell’s many festivals and celebrations that take place annually. Events like the Roswell Roots and Memorial Day ceremony depict life in Roswell during its early days and through the civil war. Other events like its wine festival take the time to appreciate Roswell’s beauty.

The racial diversity in this city has always been largely white with African Americans comprising of about a quarter of the total population. The Hispanic community has also risen in size.


This is among the cities in America with the richest history due to it’s the major roles it played during the civil war period. They also had a huge influence on slavery and how the black community was integrated into the rest of the city as it formed. Its most notable achievement the city accomplished was when they got through the American civil war.

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