City Of Smyrna

City Of Smyrna

City Of Smyrna

Smyrna is situated only 10 miles northwest of Atlanta and it is also integral part of Metro Atalanta region. Because of thousands jonquils blooming every spring along the streets of the city Smyrna also known as “Jonquils City”. Throughout the years, the City of Smyrna, covering around 15 sq. miles, has formed into a fundamental and dynamic member of the local landscape.

Smyrna is only a 15-minute drive from the downtown of Atlanta, which is still free of the congestion. Moreover, revived and dynamic downtown zone has a library, community center, retail development and mix-use improvement, city lobby.

There are many charming neighbourhoods with an endless array of amenities for residents and organisations. The city also has plenty of parks, running trails, pools, tennis courts, golf sections, day camps, sports and recreational exercises for youngsters to seniors. In summer there are shows and family occasions downtown. Smyrna is the winner of the prestigious Urban Land Institute’s Award of Excellence.

There are over 50000 residents of Smyrna, yet the territory of Cobb County is still attractive for residential growths. Demographic statistics of Smyrna and Atlanta MSA show that the citizens of Smyrna are younger and have higher income per capita.Galleria employments center helps to bring businesses and residents to the city.

The City of Smyrna’s Village Green and Market Village are circled by and have 33 sections of acre land of parks and green space within one mile of downtown. 304 acre of park land and green space can be discovered as close as 15 square miles from the city. In the downtown region a very developed Community Center with two gyms can be found. There is also an exceptionally clean lake with a grateful natural life – giant koi and lost of trees.

Village Green is the citizens’s common ground. It is the place where the Community Center, the Library and arboretum are situated. Moreover, Village Green is a point of convergence where people meet up. The centre of the town includes private housing, retail and office space, city hall and public safety office, creating a satisfying and available area that is inviting and refreshing.

Market Village is the region of downtown development which is unmatched in appeal and village atmosphere. There are 16 town homes, 40,000 sq ft of retail space and another 18,000 sq ft of office space. It is the new social center with restaurants, shops and services. Whatever is known about mixed-used today has an origin in Smyrna due to its successeful experience. The notion of “Live, Work, Play,” is at its best in Smyrna and it is the Market Village.

At TV HQ we mostly work in Smyrna, but what happens after hours is never spoken. We definitely love delivering our services to this city just minutes from our office in Atlanta. We look forward to continue earning the patronage and customer gratitude from the residents. You can call us at 404-620-2320 for a home entertainment systems installation quote.

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