The Art Of Floating A Television On The Wall

In this blog post we will be documenting the art of literally floating a tv on the wall. When it comes to hiding wires there are two way to get it done. It will depend on the customer preference and the location of the outlet on the wall the television needs to be installed.

tv installation on wallThe most professional way to floating the tv on the wall is by installing a new outlet behind the TV. This process is removes the need to have to fish the wires through the wall. Generally, we use this technique when the outlet is not located close to where the flat screen will be installed.

When fishing the wires through the wall, two openings need to be created in the drywall; one behind the tv and one next to the outlet beneath. This process can range from being not so hard to downright difficult. It will all depend on what is on the other side of the wall. When what is on the other side of the wall becomes a problem, then the job will required some additional challenges.

Some of the additional challenges may include horizontal studs, beams or pipes. While these will definitely slow down the installation time, it will not make it impossible. Fortunately, we have been in the business for quite some time, which means we have the necessary tools needed to take on these challenges without causing major damage to your home.

In the illustration on this page is an installation TV HQ performed in Woodstock Ga. The city of Woodstock is located about 10.5 miles from the city of Marietta Georgia. You will see the before and after of how an installation will look when a new outlet is added behind the TV. You will notice that we installed both outlet and HDMI connections.

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