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Dacula, Georgia

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City Of Dacula

Founded in 1905, Dacula’s name is one of the first and most striking aspects of the city. While at first glance it seems like someone was a fan of Bram Stoker, the reality is that it is the result of a creative postmaster. Wanting to be unique and detesting the original name suggestion of Hoke, he took other city names, such as Atlanta and Decatur and blended them together to create Dacula (pronounced as “duh-Que-lah). The unique name though is only one aspect that sets this little town apart that sits in Gwinnett county..

“A treasure in time.. on track for tomorrow.”

That is the motto for this seemingly sleepy little suburban town that falls within the Atlanta metropolitan area. The iconic Elisha Winn House in Dacula once served as the courthouse and county office for this past railroad hub, which was bustling into the 1950s. Even after the railroad closed down the little town continued to grow over the years and now boasts itself as home of the largest Southern Baptists Chuech in the Southeast of the US.

Points of Note in Dacula

The Hebron Baptist Church utilizes a massive stadium that can seat almost 4,000 guests and holds regular services and special events for the religious community. In addition to their religious growth, the city has seen dramatic industrial and commercial growth in the past three decades. For being such a small location, they manage to pack an impressive amount of amenities for residents, including a five star golf course.

Packing A Lot Into A Small Package

The city limits of Dacula encompass just under 3 square miles, while the extension of its 30019 postal zip code encompasses quite a bit more. As of the most recent studies, it boasts a population of nearly 5,000 strong, with a racial mix of around 76% White, 11.3% Black, and the rest a mix of Asian, Hispanic, and Native American. In terms of sex, the ratio to male and females is nearly a perfect 1:1 ratio, with a slight favor towards slightly more males to females in the younger 18+ age rage and slightly more females to males in the 30+ age range. The median income for a household inside the city is around $58,000 while the per capita income was around $20,000.

Living In Dacula, Georgia

Since its population boom that starting the 1980s, the population density for the zipcode has increased dramatically in certain areas of its 30019 zip code, with one five mile radius boasting a population of 80,000+. As a result, there are 10 different public schools, each with high ratings among the state and county, within the area that residents can access. There is also ample housing with prime real estate in the area that offers ideal arrangements for people wanting to live near Atlanta, but not pay Atlanta pricing for a good home or condo. The average pricing for homes is significantly lower than most other counties in the entire state.

Working In Dacula

For TV HQ it has been a pleasure working in Dacula. The town has very little traffic so it easy for us to get to our destination and get the job done. It is also a beautiful suburb that has some really beautiful homes. We would love to be your next installer of choice in Dacula. You can get in contact with us  by calling 404-620-2320.

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