How To Install A TV Wall Mount

mounting tv on wall

mounting tv on wall

Installing a TV wall mount is a great way to save space in your room or living area. TV wall mounts can be hung on just about any wall with the necessary tools and hardware.

Hanging a full motion TV mount

To hang a full motion TV wall mount, you will need a stud finder, tape measure, screw gun and screws. First, you will have to figure out where you would like to mount the television. The mount must be mounted on a stud behind the wall. Studs are usually 16 inches apart which coincides exactly with the mount.

Occasionally you may run into issues where the studs are 24 inches apart. When this happens, an alternate solution will have to be implemented in order to make sure the television is secure, otherwise you run the risk of the tv falling off the wall. For a qualified technician, installing a flat screen on the wall with this particular issue is a simple fix that may include using a toggle bolt.

The location will also depend on the type of mount you are using. You should make sure that there is enough

How to install tv wall mount

TV Wall Mounting Steps

space around the wall for the TV to turn, pull out and swivel in all of the directions that the mount will allow.

Once you pick the right spot for hanging your flat screen, attach the wall part of the mount to the wall. Ensure that the mount is leveled in place to secure it to the wall using the screws. Next, you will have to attach the TV portion of the mount to the back side of the television. Locate the holes in the back of the flat screen and secure the mount using screws which should come with the mount packaging. Once both parts of the mount are secure, you can slide the back of the TV mount into the attached wall mount.

Corner Television mount

A corner TV mount should be installed in the corner of your wall. There will always be studs on both corners of the wall so you shouldn’t have a problem picking the right spot for your TV. Make sure that the mount can pull out far enough that the Television will fit in the direction that you need it to.

TV wall mount swivel

A TV wall mount swivel can be installed in the same way that a full motion wall mount is. The exception is that it will have a more limited range of motion that you will not have to account for. Many people prefer the swivel stand because it is easy to move around to accommodate the location that you or your guests are sitting. Flat screen TV’s typically do not have a wide viewing range so a swivel mount can help solve this problem