How To Install TV Over Fireplace

Many people love the ambiance of a fireplace so much that they want to mount their flatscreen television over the fireplace. While this may look appealing, there are a myriad of issues that can arise from such a practice. Let’s take a look at some of the issues.

Can You Put A TV Over A Fireplace?

Of course you can put a tv over a fireplace, in fact, you can mount a tv nearly anywhere. The question isn’t can you put the tv over the fireplace, the question is actually, will it be safe? Will it harm my electronics in my television? How will the fireplace affect my reception?

TV Over Fireplace Problems

dangers of tv over fireplace

TV Over Fireplace Dangers

There are a few issues that arise when you mount your tv above the fireplace. The first issue is that heat and electronics don’t mix well. A television generates plenty of heat all on its own. Add a fireplace with a fire burning in it and you’re going to have even more heat. This can easily damage the television if the fireplace is run frequently. The smoke from the fireplace is also very damaging to a television.

A fireplace is at eye level. If you are mounting a television above the fireplace, you’re going to be craning your neck to see the television and causing not only eye strain, but also neck and shoulder strain. You’ll also find that with the plasma televisions, you’ll have a clearer pictures when you keep your television at eye level and watch it straight on. If you don’t mind going to the chiropractor more frequently, this may be fine, but if you prefer not to have to pay out money for extra massages and spinal manipulations you may wish to pass on this alarming trend.

Mounting a television on brick (most fireplaces are made from brick) requires some serious hardware and will do permanent damage to the brick. If the television is ever moved or you move you’re going to have some repair work ahead of you to restore it to its previous beauty.

Hanging TV Over Brick Fireplace

tv over fireplace install alpharetta

tv over fireplace install alpharetta

If after reading the above concerns regarding hanging a tv over a brick fireplace you still desire your tv over the fireplace, make sure that you get the proper hardware. Consider leaving the fire out while you’re watching television. Make sure to follow all of the safety procedures that are recommended for mounting the television over the brick fireplace, you don’t want your television to fall and you don’t want your television become damaged from improper installation.

Many new homes and apartments are pre wired for the television to be mounted over the fireplace. If the above mentioned concerns aren’t an issue then it is fine to take advantage of such pre wiring. Just make sure to take precautionary measures to avoid neck strain and fire hazards so you can enjoy your home entertainment system.

Minimize The Risks Of TV Mounting Over A Fireplace


The best way to ensure your safety when it comes to the problems of over fireplace installations is hiring a professional tv mounting company that is licensed and insured. Besides being knowledgeable enough to instruct you on the best ways to mount your tv properly,  professional contractors are licensed and insured. They will also use all precautions to make sure that all wires are install properly to avoid fire hazards.